Wild Food Foraging

Wild Food Foraging will get you going on a walk in the greenery surrounding Delft and looking for ‘wild’ food.

There is food growing all around us. But what can you eat and what can you not?
What is allowed? What is tasty?

Foraging is a way to discover new flavors, live more with the seasons, feel closer to the nature, explore your surroundings and look at the world with new eyes.

During the workshop, Rutger will guide you through the plants, tell you stories about nature, and most importantly show you what can make its way to your table. And off course we’ll be tasting things on the way 🙂

Where do we meet?
In front of ‘De Papaver’ Korftlaan 6, Delft
(you can park bikes and cars there; and there is a bus stop too)

Event Timings: Tuesday September 15 from 18:30-20:00

Contact us for more information at info@stepout.fun or 0613291794 / 0682769770

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