Two Days of Gardening: Nature, Gardening, Wellbeing

Two Days of Gardening is back! Last summer was the first edition and due to its great success it’s back: two days of green, sustainable and wellbeing activities. In between all the activities X will provide a green lunch and Foodsharing Delft will host one special dinner! Dive into nature with us!

Experience two days of being outdoors and connecting with nature and likeminded people. Two Days of Gardening is a divers program with workshops, interactive lectures and so on. Such as DIY insects tower, foraging eatable flowers, a bicycle trip to the forests, yoga and of course gardening together on the communal parts of the Campus Farm.

Program details*:

DAY 1: Thursday 7 July 10:00-17:30

Morning: Interactive lecture on perma culture & workshop DIY insects hotels
Afternoon: Lunch by X and afterwards excursion by bicycle to the forests in Delft, interactive lecture on trees

DAY 2: Friday 8 July 10:00-21:00

Morning: Yoga session and lecture on water & animals
Afternoon: Lunch by X and afterwards gardening, foraging flowers and herbs and maybe more

Evening: A special No Waste dinner by Foodsharing Delft!

What’s not to love? Only a few lucky people can participate in the Two Days of Gardening. Be quick to register for one of the few spots for this two-day event!

*Program might be subject to some small changes.

students €20 employees €36 others €40

You can register here.