Natuurlijk Samen!

The opening

Welcome to the exhibition NATUURLIJK SAMEN!

Many people have great ideas for greening their own neighborhoods. Fortunately, there are all kinds of possibilities, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or who to ask for help.

In this exhibition we offer you practical tools to get started with edible greenery in your neighborhood, like planting fruit trees and shrubs, creating a communal food forest or establishing a new neighborhood garden. We share our experience and knowledge as Stichting Groenkracht, so you can start your green adventure with confidence.

Get inspired by the many possibilities. Together we can bring your green ideas to life. We are ready to guide and support you. Because together we can really make a difference in our own neighborhoods!

This exhibition is part of the anniversary celebration of Stichting Groenkracht. For 10 years, Groenkracht has been committed to sustainable food and edible initiatives in Delft. We would like to celebrate this milestone together with the city.

About Stichting Groenkracht

Stichting Groenkracht connects people, organizations and places in Delft by supporting resilient and edible initiatives in the city.

Over the past 10 years, Groenkracht has already planted more than 11,000 m2 of edible green in Delft and has mobilized thousands of people for green spaces, sustainable food and nature.

Groenkracht sets up local green initiatives together with residents and other parties and shares knowledge through workshops and courses. Through the Mobile Garden Team Groenkracht helps schools with greening schoolyards.

Groenkracht is always there for you with expertise and support for your green idea! |



Construction drawing



Project coordination:
Esmeralda van Tuinen

Design and project management:
Rutger Spoelstra

Maiwynn van der Loos (MaiMaakt)
With thanks to Stichting Stunt

Hans Dunlop (group portraits at gardens)
Esther de Cuijper (photos at Voor Bij De Horizon)
Lot Bakker (big drawing and coloring page)
Rutger Spoelstra (other images)

Rozemarijn Oosthoek (glass engravings)
Wieneke Bremer (textile moss islands)

Ron Blom

Annemarie Oorthuizen
Lex Veldhoen (source of quotes)

Annet Thoms

Annemarie Oorthuizen
Carola van der Heijden (Cultuurvlinder)

Made possible thanks to:
Gemeente Delft
Het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Fonds 1818