In Parco Massari in Ferrara there are two impressive monumental trees. They are Lebanon cedars (Cedrus libani) and both are supported by an enormous steel construction. I love these trees and have spend many hours sitting in them. Here are some photos:     read more

(Text from my 2019 travel diary) Today I fell in love with a small wooden church, the St. Michael in Kinsky gardens in Prague. For several minutes I stared at it with an open mouth. Then an orthodox priest came out, he looked at me with a mysterious smile and nodded. I nodded back. Later, […] read more

After ten years I was back in Ferrara, Italy. And again I was fascinated by the bicycle culture. It is quite different from the bicycle culture in the Netherlands. Here’s a selection of pictures that show a glimpse of cycling in Ferrara:     read more

Here are some sketches I made in June 2019 in Ferrara, Italy. It was was great to see my city again and it was great to see my friends again. Sometimes a place can change your life, Ferrara has changed mine.     read more

A selection of pictures from my trip to Barcelona, October-November 2018. read more

This is something I like to do sometimes: rock balancing. For me it is not about the result, not about the biggest, fanciest or most beautiful, nope. It is about doing it, feeling the rock, its weight, the texture, the possibilities and then finding a balance. It is almost a form of meditation, it brings […] read more

I love forests. Real forests I mean, not forest plantations which are just endless rows of trees planted for human profit. A real forest is more than a bunch of trees, it is an ecosystem with countless interacting lifeforms. And a real forest has a specific character, you might even call it a personality. You […] read more

Trees are fascinating beings. They are so different from humans that it is difficult – almost impossible – to understand them. I have been taking pictures of trees in the hope to get a deeper understanding of them. This is the first in a series of pictures of trees and forests. One thing that fascinates […] read more

The Popta Garden is featured at the Maak! exhibition. Delft Design celebrates its 30 year existence with this exhibition. Twenty designs are being shown and the focus lies on the creative process; from the first sketch to the end result and beyond. read more

In Italy this town is known as ‘il paese che muore’, which means ’the town that is dying’. The rock is crumbling. Earthquakes and erosion are slowly doing their destructive work. The town was founded over 2500 years ago by the Etruscans. They built towns on hilltops because of malaria in the lowlands. Civita di Bagnoregio […] read more